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These telegrams are to be delivered on Friday, Feb. 13th! From 8 AM to 6PM

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Valentine’s Day Treats

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Happy Holidays Part 2!

Hey Miami, and then some!

We have our lists of confections to be selling this holiday season! I hope everyone is as excited as we are to be making the goods! I have to say the truffle cookies and shortbreads are here to stay, and now introducing the latest confections on the menu: FUDGE! It come’s in many different flavors, and we are featuring three in particular for this season!

It doesn’t stop there, we’ve brought a chocolatier/ vendor to the Caro’s Confections team (A.K.A. my cousin Ingrid). Who will be my go to gal for chocolate covered oreos, for this holiday special. She also makes other wonderful confections, that I’m happy to say she will be available here, and hopefully i’ll get her to jump start her personal small shop in the new year ( yes cousin, you are going to make one!). This year she will add an assortment of white chocolate covered oreos in red, green, blue, and even peppermint flavored white chocolate. To then be adorned with a winter theme decor. Perfect cookies for Santa, assorted gift baskets, teachers, friends and loved ones!

We will be providing gift wrapping in a sweet rustic winter theme. Doing a Basket full of goodies is available, along with delivery, charges may apply. To add non confection gifts to the basket, please see our last postΒ HERE – CLICK HERE.[

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HOLIDAY BASKETS confections 2014

Email: or facebook our business page for orders and or inquiries! If you live outside Miami, it is possible to have these items shipped, but cost may rise due to certain items needing to be expedited quickly.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Just a week after, Thanksgiving, and the holiday shopping has begun! Some have even started earlier! Well I’m gathering up all the goodies I will be selling this season, along with gift baskets that can be pre-wrapped with a sweet rustic winter theme.

Please note all items in baskets will be available ” A La Carte” style, if you wish to purchase them separately. If you would like them shipped outside of Miami, it is possible, but packaged prices may vary depending on time. So the sooner you purchase, the sooner you secure gifts and get your orders shipped out!

Todays feature gift is our “Lavender Love” baskets. (click on menu to enlarge)


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Grand Marnier “Deconstructed” Apple Pie (EASY RECIPE)


Β An Easy Holiday Inspired Dessert To DoΒ This Season…

It was a fall evening back in 2013, and my mother had an abundance of apples. I checked the pantry, fridge, and spice rack. Grabbed my cutting board, peeler, chopping knife. I had the craving for apple pie, but kept in mind those cute little dessert glasses Β  I was planning on using come Thanksgiving that year. I wasn’t sure if they would be filled with a mousse or custard of sorts, but this looked like a good opportunity to come up with something!

So I came up with a “Grand Marnier Deconstructed Apple Pie”.

Recipe by: Caro Pozo


  • Apples- I prefer Granny Smith (this depends if you plan on using small dessert cups (1/4 of an apple fills it), bowls for individuals (1 apple per serving).
  • Vanilla Mascarpone- Used as topping, Make a lot…it goes by quickly (2 table spoons for a bowl, 1 teaspoon for dessert glass, or pipe a dollop using a round or star tip!)
  • Graham Crackers- I usually have two boxes at hand, and crush one box at a time (CHUCKY BITS ARE MORE FUN). Also treat the chocolate lovers, and play with chocolate flavored Graham crackers.
  • Spices & Seasoning- Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Sugar, Powdered Sugar,Vanilla Bean Paste, tid bit of Ginger.
  • Grand Marnier- Nothing is more merry than a good citrus kick! If you want something with more, then pick your favorite bourbon ( I like Buffalo Trace, and Four Roses for this) and add a dash of “Angostora Bitters” (it’s sooo good).

PROCESS: (6 Servings)


So I had presently chocolate and original graham crackers. I decided to crush (kept it chunky, not powder) those puppies and put them in my mug a third of the way (I kept in mind how much I would want visible in the glass dessert cups for future).



I then took my apples, quickly peeled them, chopped them and placed them in a bowl. I got myΒ Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Sugar (to taste), and Vanilla Bean Paste (1 teaspoon). Now Β I love these spices, so I want a good coating on the fruit. It ended up Β looking like a light glaze of molasses.Β 

Next I added a half a cup of the liquor to the bowl and gave it a quick mix, and let it soak for a few minutes. While it soaked I turned on the stove and put it at medium to high heat…While that was heating up I transferred the apples and mixtures to the pot and get ready to raost. I stirred the pot for a bit until it began to boil. Let boil for a few minutes to soften the apples, or to whatever firmness of the apples you want. As soon as you reached the apples to your liking, lower the temperature to LOW HEAT. Let the pot simmer, allowing the apples to soak up more flavor (do check on the flavor incase you need to add more sugar to your liking).


Vanilla Mascarpone-

While that is simmering on the stove, get your mascarpone, powdered sugar, and vanilla bean paste. In a mixing bowl I added 2 cups of mascarpone then a table spoon of powdered sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla paste. Begin to fold the ingredients together until well blended. Make it whipped as best as you can. You can add more or less of the sugars, depending on how sweet you want this topping. Even after mixing i’ll add a tad of one or the other. I recommend this vanilla mascarpone for your waffles, pancakes, ice-cream, pie’s, fruit dip, chocolate shakes ect…. IT DANGEROUS! Β DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU!

Put it all together- (by now the smell has covered the house with love and your guests are READY!)


Excuse the melted mascarpone

Whether a bowl, mug (so cute on a cold night), or dessert glass; add the crackers, apples with a drizzle of their juice from the pot (if you allow the pot to cool a little the sauce will thicken a bit), then top it off with your vanilla mascarpone – if you want to be fancy add a tiny peppermint leaf andΒ voilΓ‘, there you have it ladies and gents!Β 

Last years Thanksgiving, we had a dessert table with pies and cakes, and then we added a serving station for these deconstructed apple pies with many graham cracker flavors, and some extra toppings, like little MnM’s for the youngins! It was a hit, and perfect warm dessert for a chilly evening that night!


*TIP: If you have a small metal cake pan, or metal dish of some sort, place your mascarpone in their and leave it chilling in the fridge till ready to use. It’s great for guest and keeps it chilled even after you have left it out for some time.

If your looking for a comforting and easy dessert to try, this is it. Be it for a small gathering or one of your festive events not only will you’ll enjoy how simple it was, but how impressive it taste!

Many Blessings,