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Lavender Eye Pillow by RW

Anyone else feeling the crazy effects of last weeks full moon? My ruler planet, Mercury (I’m a virgo) is in retrograde for the majority of the month and it’s just CRAZY! lol. So much going on, trying to stay on track and not lose focus with the upcoming work projects and social events. One thing I told myself a year ago (and double tagged it with New Years resolution), is that I need to take time for myself. This goes for EVERYONE, find those moments in the day, or schedule during the week a time for yourself.

This passed year I added a much more diligent work out routine, but also increased the use of meditation and other mind body and soul routines.

Prayer – Weight Lifting -Yoga- Aroma Therapy – Crystal Healing – Gardening

Above have all been remedies I’ve used since a young age (some more than others), but this passed year I have increased for my benefit to live everyday with much more ease, and with an open heart.

There is no doubt I still have moments of crisis in my mind, and I slap myself back into reality and think of the countless blessings, God, has given me, and a quote my father often uses:

” People do not trip over mountains, but stumble over small pebbles. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed over the mountain…”

I really wanted to just share a heart warming D.I.Y. remedy at home as a back up plan, for when you would like to relax (or relax your partner as a nice treat after their long day at work) and try and set your mind at ease…

-Aroma Therapy Bath Soak-


Full Bathtub: the warmest/hottest (don’t pass out though!) you can go.

Epsom Salt: relax the muscles

Music: Try to stray away from music with lyrics, stick to instrumental tones (string/piano/flute are great). I love Pandora Station: SuchGreatHeights Radio, Paramahansa Yogananda Radio, Yoga Radio, ThePianoGuys Radio.

Lighting: Keep the lighting dim, with accent lights.

-Candles: There is something so soothing about the amber lighting flickering about. I even love the woodwick kind, because it adds that crackling fire effect noise to the whole experience.

-Himalayan Salt Lamps: These lamps are gorgeous, I have 3 in my home, and I WANT MORE. lol. They give off such a beautiful amber glow, cleanse any crystals you may have ( I even put my everyday jewelry with stones/crystals for a “salt bath”), and best part about these beautiful lamps is the reduction of air pollutants and allergens in your home. Go buy them at the nearest Homegoods or metaphysical stores,   they carry the cheapest prices compared to “department stores”. If you are in Miami, Fl, please visit FIVE SISTERS, this store is where I buy the majority of my crystals, and do Yoga!   Read more about Himalayan Salt HERE

Favorite Essential Oil: A few drops of your favorite scent, Oils with relaxing properties are lavender, sandal wood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint…Don’t have any? Want to gift someone afar?  Check out the products of Young Living Pure Essential Oils we sell HERE .

After a good 20 minute session in my bath soak, I moisturize with a nice layer of coconut oil, with a few drops of pure essential oil (lavender usually) and apply to my body, temples, and my feet (did you know thats the fastest place to absorb the properties of the essential oil?) and put socks on to lock in the moisture.

I then get my pre-chilled LAVENDER EYE PILLOW by Rachel Weisburg, healing crystals in hand, and continue to listen to the music of my liking. I’ll have my latest novel/play for reading, notebook to write/create thoughts, or my ukulele near by If I feel like, BUT if I find myself deepening into a wave of relaxation, then I will stay in it. Be it that I’m awake or I drift off into a slumber I don’t mind. I’ll grasp on for as long as I can. It’s clear that my body needed it.

I hope you all add this relaxing event to your calendars. I would love to hear how you find a balance with the ever changing occurrences of life. I will be posting more remedies to come! Some baked goods as well with my home grown herbs and spices!

Many Blessings,


WIND 10" $65.00



Sister Blog.


If you looked in the ‘Bio’ page you would have noticed the link to, Blonde2Brunette. This is a lifestyle blog catered to everything under the sun! DIY, Fashion, Recipe’s, Makeup, and fun tips for all! Once a week I’ll be posting a weekly update from the blog with the three other ladies, Karlee, Kelly, and my sister Sylvia! 

You will love this collaboration, and it’s just a blast working with these ladies! Be sure to visit weekly. There are blog posts and instagram post that deliver daily. See you there.

Pinkies Up,


p.s. Visit my recent post from, B2B, on our sister site, HERE .

This month on, B2B, I will be focused on HALLOWEEN INSPO MUA, here’s the ‘Intro Post’ for this month, click HERE .

Something’s Baking….

carolina web 6-2

The home of “Caro’s Confections” is now live! The original blog ‘There’s Always Time to eat (the in-between of a busy artist life)’ will now live here. Post will be up soon, along with more add ons for our ‘Boutique’ section!  Thank you for stopping by!

Cheers, Prost, Zalute


Caro’s Confections, does Etsy.

Blonde2Brunette Bloggers

Who doesn’t love Etsy? A place where you can type anything into the search engine and find items available for purchase that you never thought was available. I love finding vintage clothing pieces, eclectic jewelry and of course, Wizard Of Oz, themed items (I have a thing for Judy Garland, why hasn’t anyone asked me to do a WIZARD OF OZ CAKE YET?).

For some time I have been going onto this site to find decorative pieces for my home, and “one of kind” gifts for my family and friends. Having the crafty itch I’ve always wanted to sell but so many ideas came to mind, and never did I find the time. Similar approached to how I came about caking, it’s the same about crafting. I get inspired and I normally just go for it.

So a little over two years ago my love for floral crowns came about, and I could never find the ones I liked. I searched online, checkout out crafters that I follow and very few had what I liked, so instead I started to make my own. This was way before this spring’s “flower crown boom” came along and it was easy to find floral crowns at every boutique, big chain stores like Urban Outfitters and other online shops. At least in the state of Florida , because clearly NYC and LA and all the other big cities up the coast were ahead of the game.

The only other person ahead of the game in, Miami, was shop owner, Nicole, from (click there for more info –>) ‘Nikki’s Beach House‘. She also lived in California… she knows her stuff. I have to be honest, she was the FIRST among the rest of the shops in, South Florida, to carry crowns, she’s had them for the last few years, and well people caught on to the trend here. ;) This awesome boutique has two locations in the heart of South Miami, and Coconut Grove Shops. It’s not just a shop of bikini’s, but great apparel for women, jewelry, and shoes. All designer and local brands that we know and love, plus new up coming designers that South Florida with rarely see.

So as an avid follower and shopper there, I happen to fall into a beautiful accident with the owner, Nicole. She saw some handmade floral crowns, and asked me if I was available. She needed crowns A.S.A.P. and well with my random schedule- IT WORKED OUT!

Next thing you know, I made a bundle for the late summer/early fall collection, and then came back again for this spring/summer collection. It does help that FLorida has the grand ‘ Winter Music Festivals’ and ‘Ultra Music Festival’. I was even able to ship out my crowns for people to Cali for this year’s, Coachella. I personally would just go to, Coachella, to dress up in funky bohemian fashion.

Caro’s Confections, has turned into a brand of  all things feminine and sweet. It’s my creative outlet, I LOVE TO CREATE, and just a really great way to save up for my future. I’ve got big plans for my performance career, so any little help along the way is simply, great. I think the biggest gratification though is people having fun with what they wear. I guess playing “dress up” really never gets old.

So this is something that kept me busy this passed year and I hope you take a peak at my little shop, click here –>

About the Products:
-It’s a mix of floral crowns and cake decor.
-I do take custom orders.
-I am not limited to only what you see on my shop.
-More variations Do exist on my InstaGram: @carosconfections, click here –> LINK
-Not only do I sell the crowns, but I also rent them at a very affordable price (South Florida Area Only). They are great for bridal showers, baby showers, and of course my favorite, PHOTO-SHOOTS! lol. What a fun prop to use!
-Crowns for ALL AGES.
-More products coming soon for the home, apparel, and more.

Interested? Feel free to email me at or through my Facebook Page, click here –>

Pinkies Up,



The Blogger Is Back.


Avid followers of Liz Dikinson

We are half way through 2014 and blogging hasn’t been happening as frequently as I hoped. Blogging hasn’t happened period.

I promise you I still eat macarons at least once a month, I constantly am finding new places locally and abroad to share with you, and still baking away for clients if time permits in between my acting gigs.

So I’ve been busy- now it’s time to catch you all up to speed on some projects I’ve worked on.

Let’s start with publications this year. There have been a few and all thanks to a special lady…

I was fortunate enough to have some of my work circulate throughout the web during the duration of a year. Last spring I joined forces with (click there >) LIZ DIKINSON PHOTOGRAPHY, to do a’ Vintage Chic Pink Grey’ styled shoot.  I provided a fun modern style cake that was adorned with beautiful dusty pink roses. I got to meet some great local Miami, Fl vendors.

Fast forward several months and we find ourselves regrouping for a ‘Country Chic Wedding’ styled shoot. Where again I was able to supply a rustic cake. I finally got to do a “naked” cake and cover it with fresh real blooms.

The brain behind these shoots go to the go getter, Liz. If you are looking for the ultimate wedding/ family package, she delivers. Her work is beautifully captured and you just have to check out her site to believe it. Tell her what you are looking for and she makes it happen with her creative team! Liz is able to organize your thoughts, help you plan, and deliver a finish product. I love working and collaborating her and cannot wait for the next one.

To the most recent publication comes to an Ad campaign for TOBACCO FREE FLORIDA. The week of April, 21st 2014, marked the ‘6th Annual Tobacco Free Week’, and for that whole week they featured a cake that I was commissioned for. I’ll be posting the published images as soon as I get them, but I can tell you it was a different feeling making this cake for such a serious message. They asked for a wedding cake, with the cake topper having a patient and their doctor over coming the cancerous effects on smoking. The end goal was to inspire both the patient and the doctor to over come the addiction on smoking and to educate and prevent an inevitable death from such an easily accessed source.

I’ll be posting some pictures below, but for total access of all the pictures please visit the following links:

A complete list of press and publications from the Liz Dikinson Photography Team:

The Vintage Chic Pink & Grey Wedding:

The Country Chic Wedding:

Pinkies Up,


P.S. Still to come: Current and Past Projects, Cake Tutorials, and did you know I’m now selling my handmade items through the web and boutiques???  More on that to come, but for now check out my ETSY shop: